Surfshark Alert: How To Protect Your Data From Breaches

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Surfshark Alert

Every day, websites you may have signed up to fall victim to security vulnerabilities, resulting in sensitive user information making its way into the hands of fraudsters and other criminals. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion!

This data may include passwords, email addresses, credit card details, and other information, leading to compromised accounts, financial theft, and identity fraud.

Unfortunately, personal data breaches are a fact of modern internet use, and it can be difficult to know when your information has been leaked, how it might be used, and what to do about it.

The good news is, tools like Surfshark Alert scan the web and dark web and let you know if your personal info is being shared, so you can quickly secure your accounts.

What is Surfshark Alert?

Surfshark Alert and VPN

I recently tested Surfshark Alert, which is a powerful feature within the Surfshark One and Surfshark One+ VPN bundle. Here’s what I found most useful and how you can use it effectively:

Email Protection – Get instant alerts if your email address is breached, allowing you to swiftly protect your account from intruders.

Identity Protector – Stay one step ahead of identity thieves with real-time monitoring of your personal identification number’s security status.

Password Monitoring – Uncover your password’s vulnerability by seeing how often it has been compromised and if it’s time to reset to a stronger password.

Credit Card Watchdog – Prevent fraudulent purchases by receiving notifications when your credit card details surface online.

Data Security Reports – Receive regular reports on the status of your personal data, with valuable insights into patterns and risks, so you can take the right precautions.

Breach Response – In the event of a data breach, get personalized recommendations and a tailored emergency plan to help you navigate the situation with confidence.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re an individual or business owner, Surfshark Alert has many benefits. Especially if you:

  • Are a heavy online shopper with lots of accounts and saved credit card information.
  • Want to protect your entire family, thanks to Surfshark’s support for multiple devices and family monitoring.
  • Are taking care of elderly family or friends who aren’t as security aware.
  • Run a business and want to reinforce existing cybersecurity protocols and prevent costly data breaches.
  • Are an influencer or otherwise have a large online presence and digital footprint.
  • Travel a lot and require data security while on the go, which is perfect alongside the VPN.

Alternative ID

Surfshark Alternative ID

I also recommend Surfshark Alternative ID feature that allows you to generate a new digital identity to safeguard your privacy while browsing the web. This:

  • Maintains the privacy of your real email address and name when interacting with unfamiliar websites, platforms, or untrustworthy brands.
  • Reduces the likelihood of receiving spam emails from unsolicited marketing campaigns.
  • Minimizes the risk of your data being acquired by data brokers or cybercriminals in the event of data breaches.
  • Shields you from the dangers of online stalking and harassment.

How to use Surfshark Alert

Surfshark Alert is simple to set up before a breach and guides you every step after a breach occurs.

Before a Data Breach

To get started with Surfshark Alert, all you have to do is:

1. Go to Surfshark and purchase either Surfshark One or Surfshark One+

2. Download the appropriate app for your devices.

Login to Surfshark Alert

3. Login into your web dashboard and locate the Alert tab on the left panel.

Setup Surfshark Alert

4. Choose whether to monitor emails, scan credit cards, and scan IDs, then read the terms and check the box to continue.

5. Enter your email address, credit card information, and ID. Then press Activate or Scan.

Activate email monitoring

6. Remember to verify your email address with the link sent to you via email.

What to do after a Data Breach

If you have received an alert of a personal data breach, it will inform you of the type of breach and how to protect yourself.

Compromised Password – Change your password immediately on any account that uses the password. Activate two-factor authentication (2FA) on these accounts if possible.

Compromised Credit Card – Immediately contact your bank or card provider and inform them of potential compromise and fraudulent activity. They may freeze the card and issue a new one.

Identity Theft – Alert relevant institutions that fraudsters might have your data. Check your credit reports for suspicious activities and consider placing a credit freeze to stop fraudsters using your identity for new accounts, credit, or insurance.

How to Activate Alternative ID

Alternative ID is part of the same bundle and takes only a few seconds to create a new online persona:

1. Select Alternative ID within your Surfshark web account, browser extension, or app. Then provide the new details you want to use, such as gender, age, birth date, and country.

Use Surfshark Alternative ID

2. Surfshark then automatically generates an email address with your new persona, which is forwarded to your real email address.

3. Copy this info for any sites you wish to use your new persona.

4. You can also create up to three alternative emails.

5. Download the Surfshark extension for your browser for an integrated experience.

Get Surfshark One or One+ Discounted Today

Surfshark is currently running some great offers to get started with Surfshark Alert and Alternative ID. For its 12-month plans, you get up to 81% off:

  • Surfshark Starter – ($2.99 a month / $41.86 upfront) + 2 FREE months – VPN and Alternative ID
  • Surfshark One – ($3.49 a month / $48.86 upfront) + 2 FREE months – VPN, Alert, Alternative ID, and Antivirus/Safe Search.
  • Surfshark One+ – ($5.49 a month / $76.86 upfront) + 2 FREE months – All of the above, plus data removal by Incogni.

You can make deeper savings with the two-year plans or opt for a month-to-month plan instead. All come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts on Surfshark Alert and Protecting your Personal Information

While there are a number of services that offer identity theft protection, many lack the features of Surfshark Alert, especially the VPN, ad blocking, and safe search.

For example, Have I Bee Pwned is free, but doesn’t have real-time alerts. Identity Guard is very comprehensive but only focusses on credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, and alerts for potential identity theft.

Overall, I found Surfshark to be one of the best combinations of data breach alerts, disposable email accounts, and VPN protection.

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