Who are we?

WindowsReport.com is an independent online publication founded in Fall 2012 that primarily covers Microsoft’s Windows platform. We view the PC as the solid foundation for your tech life, and that's why the site has evolved into much more than what its name stands for.

We strive to provide important news, tips, and advice for tech users, but we don’t stop here. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes, and we tackle many new areas, trying to always translate technology in the best way we can into layman’s terms.

Since its founding, WindowsReport.com has grown to become one of the most significant websites on the web when it comes to tech coverage, with millions of digital enthusiasts relying on our team of experienced tech journalists, editors, community managers, and more for the freshest news, reviews, features, and product recommendations.

More than 10 million users consume our content monthly and become more educated about their digital lives.

What do we do?

We have a simple goal: to offer independent results. Providing unbiased opinions and answers is one of our main pillars, and we’re really proud of that. We achieve this through our complete editorial independence, backed by extensive testing, attention to detail, and fantastic research skills.

Our global team of technology journalists is expanding daily, adding to the general know-how and allowing us to cover many products and services. And our promise to you is to ensure that we’ll also have an answer to every question you have.

The quality of our content is what matters the most to us. We make it our mission to crunch complex topics into easy-to-follow solutions that would help everybody out there. The following are the core pillars of our content:

  • the expertise of content creators
  • readability
  • formatting, spelling, and grammar
  • photo and screenshot quality
  • language and imagery
  • HD video
  • accuracy of steps

We try as much as possible to acquire our own devices or software and conduct our reviews unbiased. We recommend products that we try as much as possible to review, and when that’s not possible, we carefully analyze all their specifications.

We take all complaints very seriously, so drop us a line if you feel something is off.

Our methodology

Everyone at Windows Report follows strict rules to ensure only one thing: you’ll get the best possible outcome! In that regard, we use our accumulated expertise to create & deploy real-world scenarios, tests, and challenges for each product listed on our website, whether hardware or software. We apply the same to our most knowledgeable area, troubleshooting!

Each step follows user logic, from everyday use cases to more complex developments, including specialized tools directed to power users and IT pros.

Troubleshooting: How you can fix almost everything!

One of our oldest mottos is “Error-free Tech Life”, and we stand by it to this day!

We’ve gone through multiple Windows iterations, hundreds of cumulative updates, thousands of KBs, and tens of thousands of glitches, errors, and bugs to learn everything there is to know about Windows and Microsoft products. We’re determined to share every new finding with you, our readers; we hope you won’t need it, but just in case you will, our experts are here to take on the latest errors so you won’t have to.

Hardware: We buy & test thousands of products, so you don’t have to

Our hardware reviews are independent and 100% based on our experience with the product!

Our verdict can’t be altered in any way, shape, or form because we build our content around you, the consumer. If we ever write about a product sent for the purpose of reviewing, we’ll let you know that on the review page.

Also, if we can’t get our hands on a product (for whatever reason), we’ll base our article on your direct feedback and industry expert opinions to paint a better picture of what your final experience should be like.

Software: We lab-test every program & app to ensure quality and usability

Same as hardware products, our software reviews are independent and 100% based on our experience with the software!

We independently buy every app or program featured in our articles, paying extra attention to the entire experience, including downloading and installing the software. We also focus on two critical factors from the start: security and privacy!

Remember that if you have a different opinion than ours, you want to highlight a mistake or maybe a certain inconsistency in our reviews, or if you want to share your personal experience with a product, you can write us anytime on our contact page or directly contact our editorial team.

To learn more about each step we take, check our comprehensive How we test, review & rate at Windows Report page.

Frequently Asked Questions about WindowsReport

Is WindowsReport Legit & Safe?

Of course. We constantly check our links and ensure everything we suggest abides by all security checks. In some situations, we have partnerships with software makers flagged by their competitors as PUPs. However, this is by no means an indication of malware. It’s simply a program that competing companies mark as optional for you to install.

Does WindowsReport cost?

The content on our website is totally free and will likely remain so. But, as outlined in our affiliate disclosure, we make money from software partnerships, which aren’t free in certain situations. Thus, if you visit links within our content, we may receive commissions from your purchases, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations.

Can I trust WindowsReport?

We have dozens of vetted Windows experts working on our content and experts from other fields. We are continuously improving the accuracy and usefulness of our buying guides & troubleshooting articles.